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- BT announce that ISDN circuits will be ceased
- VoIP: We provide robust and highly flexible VoIP services with hosted switchboards

FREE Hosted VoIP trial*

BT (Openreach) have announced that they will cease ISDN.  These digital lines are commonly used by businesses and they have switchboards (PBXs) to mange their incoming and outging calls.  


We provide a highly robust and flexible hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, which obviates the need for a telephone switchboard.  This massivley reduces the CAPEX and maintenance charges.  All with built-in resilience! 


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FREE SIP Trunking trial*

If you are interested in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but still want to use your exisiting telephone switchboard, then why not try SIP trunking.  It is a new technology that allows a business to replace its existing analogue or digital telephone lines with a data connection.  Once connected a business can continue to operate in the same manner as before with no changes to its telephone call handling. SIP Trunk calls are carried by both VoIP and the traditional telephone network.

SIP trunking also has the benefit of being able to operate without geographic telephone number constraints, so an area telephone number code is able to function freely in any location where a data connection is available.

Diagram of SIP Trunking

Resilience should also be considered when considering a SIP trunk solution. A business may wish to install a secondary data circuit to carry calls in the event of issues either with the service or caused by fibre or copper line breakages within or external to the building - this also applies with traditional voice telephone lines as well.

With a second dormant IP on your set-up, you will be able to secure your call traffic as the system will automatically re-route everything through the second trunk if the first trunk route fails or goes down for even a short period.

* This offer entitles you to trial a SIP Trunk with FREE line rental for a limited period. Standard call charges apply.

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Business Broadband and Data packages

We offer an extensive range of Business broadband products, which have been designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. The product range offers high speeds, competitive pricing and backed by award winning UK based support 24 hours a day. Basic details of the product range are shown in the table below:

Product Name Download
Speed *
Speed *
ratio **
Relative cost
per month
Value broadband 24 Mbps 1 Mbps 50:1 or 20:1 1 - 2
SMARTER broadband 8 Mbps 0.4 Mbps 14:1 1 - 2
Business Broadband 20 Mbps 1 Mbps 50:1 or 20:1 1 - 2
Broadband PLUS 20 to 60 Mbps 1.3 to 7.5 Mbps 5:1 2 -3
Superfast Business broadband 40 Mbps 2 Mbps 5:1 to 20:1 2 - 3
SDSL+ 1.3 to 2,6 Mbps 1.3 Mbps 1:1 2 - 3
EFM 10 to 20 Mbps 10 Mbps 1:1 4 - 6
MIA 10 Mbps to 1Gbps 10 Mbps to 1Gbps 1:1 4 - 8
Leased Lines 2 to 20 Mbps 2 to 20 Mbps 1:1 6 - 10


* Download/Upload speeds are all upto the given value and is dependent on the distance from your local exchange. We will always provide you with the expected speeds for your site(s).The actual stable line speed supportable will be determined during the first 10 days of use. This speed may change over time, to ensure line stability is maintained.

** Contention ratios: It is hard to be precise as the ISPs do not tend to quote them anymore. BT states that it is less critical as in the past due to the increased speeds across all broadband connections, so the number of users does not have such an impact because there’s more “room to share". However, we still believe that it is an important consideration.

All our recommended ISPs are business-focused and have invested heavily in their networks to make sure every customer is well catered for. They also provide top level prioritization to all connections so you know you’re getting the best performance possible from your business broadband package.

Broadband resilience

In some areas, your business broadband connection may not be 100% reliable - that's why many of our packages have service level guarantees. There are also bonded or back up connection options which will vastly improve resilience for business-critical processes.

You can also chose prioritised (aka Quality of Service - QoS) services, which will guarantee bandwidth exclusively for VoIP traffic.

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Special Phone Numbers

We can offer you well over '11 million numbers' over every possible range. These 'Special Numbers' can benefit your business in many ways:

  • Choose whether you have a local and/or national presence
  • Encourage clients to call you with FREE numbers (0800 or 08008)
  • Use multiple numbers for your Marketing activities so you can measure their success
  • Easy to remember numbers available (Additional charges may apply)

Special Numbers are a valuable way for influencing customer behaviour and growing your business in a quick and powerful way - for very little cost.


0800 /08008 numbers

0844 numbers (1) 0845 numbers (2)
  • FREE calls for your clients
  • You pay for the calls
  • National presence
  • Very cost effective
  • Offers fixed rates for clients
  • You do not pay for calls
  • Clients pay LoCALL rate
  • Often within call packages
  • You contribute to call cost
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0870 numbers (3)

0871 numbers (1) 01xxx National numbers
  • Clients pay National CALL rate
  • Often within call packages
  • You contribute to call cost
  • Clients pay 10 ppm
  • You can receive part of call cost
  • Clients pay Local /National rate
  • Often cost effective for client
  • You have UK-wide options
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0207 London numbers

09xxx Premium rate numbers (1)
  • Clients pay Local or National rate
  • Often very cost effective for client
  • You have a London presence
  • Often for pre-recorded and live content
  • Typical services are chat lines, sports or information services.
  • Approval must be obtained from ICSTIS
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To speak to one of our experts to get the best number for your business, please call us FREE on 08008 491 492 for further details or via our online form.

1 Revenue sharing number ranges: All these ranges include revenue-sharing. Each number range has a cost range.

2 LoCALL call: This is different from a local call (a local geographic number) and the rate is often significantly higher due to revenue-sharing on these calls.

3 National rate NTS call: This is different from a national call (a national geographic number) and the rate is often significantly higher due to revenue-sharing on these calls.

Business ISDN2e & ISDN30e

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a fully digital public network service, which can be used for voice, data, fax, video conferencing etc. It is ideal for rich media graphics and applications. With both ISDN2e and ISDN30e, we can offer you:

  • Highly competitive line rental and call rates
  • Easy to switch
  • Seamless transfers from other service providers
  • Keep your existing number
  • A dedicated 'Account Manager'
  • Excellent service & support
  • New line(s) installed wherever you need them
  • Provide individual DDI numbers for all your staff
  • Comprehensive phone calling features (aka Calling Select Services)
  • Significant savings as compared to BT



For offices with  2 - 8 concurrent users, ISDN2e allows for up to 8 simultaneous calls into or out of your business.



For larger offices, ISDN30e is for businesses whom expect to make or receive over 8 simultaneous calls.


Limited time offer

FREE INSTALLATION of your ISDN2 or ISDN30 circuits (Subject to T&Cs)


Please call us FREE on 08008 491 492 for further details or via our online form. Alternatively, please use the following link if you require Standard Analogue Business Lines.


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